Splash! Creative Design Ltd.

Case study

I have worked with Splash! Design and specifically Alex Marsden on a variety of projects over the past 17 years. The projects for which she has been employed include producing visual displays, magazines, newspaper inserts, publicity material and posters for advertising. Contexts in which I have seen Alex work include one-to-one, community groups and staff teams. Themes Alex has worked on include education, sexual abuse, disability and, recently, special educational needs. The bottom line is that, on every occasion, Alex has produced work which never strays from being of the highest professional standard.

As well as thoughtful and professional products Alex brings added value in her consultative approach which is similar to a good community development model. She is able to listen to the client and takes account of their needs, works with them, and at the same time, keeps in mind the principles of her trade and the impact and usefulness of the materials the client wishes to produce. Alex is able to work with a wide range of people and in discussion will ask them very simple and straightforward questions that help the client clarify what they want in terms of the product and what they want it to do. I have never heard Alex use jargon. The client is helped on by the questions Alex asks and sometimes this also impacts on contributing to their professional development.

Most recently Alex was employed by Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Parent Partnership Service to develop some new posters. During the work Alex was able to learn about the principles around the social model of disability and integrate its implications into the design of the materials.

My understanding is that Splash! Design is keen to work from ethical values and makes a specific contribution to the not-for-profit sector. My experience of the company is that what it produces goes beyond a simple trade agreement making a contribution to the not-for-profit sector being successful in an ever competitive environment.

Denis Tully, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Parent Partnership